Aetna: This is what diversity looks like

ASK After seeing our Diversity & Inclusion work for Herman Miller, Aetna asked for help generating a D&I campaign from the ground up. With 45% of employees working remotely, and impending mergers, it was more important than ever to connect people, and inspire engagement.

Note: this case study is a Fairly Painless project — one that helped us to think more about focusing on purpose-driven marketing. Thanks to the leadership of Grace Figueredo and Matt Luginbuhl at Aetna. Credits: Beth Taylor – strategy, Julie Lang – art direction and design.

APPROACH After a two day immersion in Hartford, we developed a brief that positioned D&I as the human connection for team members. We supported the positioning with facts that demonstrated the performance benefits of a diverse and inclusive environment.

< Aetna’s expansive brand color palette was used as a metaphor for their lived commitment to diversity.

ANSWER We developed an identity, an internal website and a phased brand experience campaign.

Aetna was willing to go to great lengths to prove that good D&I is good business. The initial campaign was extended first to Workplace Culture, Diversity & Inclusion and again to internal employee communications.

Our team enjoyed a strong relationship with the HR division of Aetna for years, working on a variety of engagements in an array of formats.