What we do

Case studies of worthwhile projects, past and present.

Woosah Outfitters: A deeper dive makes a stronger brand

With a new location opening, owners Rae and Kelly realized that they needed the team to own the brand idea and ideals. What started as an HR ask became a deeper dive into understanding how to best position the brand for future growth.   See Case Study >

The Justice Project: When public safety is more than policing

Grand Rapids was selected as the first of 10 cities to participate in this fresh approach to justice and collaboration with a grant from the Aspen Institute. In the midst of an emotionally charged and divided community, this initiative was tasked with creating a vision for the future that was equity-centered and data-driven.  See Case Study >

Sawyer: Better protection, bigger purpose

Sawyer Products entered 2020 delivering to new levels for its thru-hikers, sportsmen, and most importantly, those in need of fresh water. With a brand team running to keep up with product demand and customer support, Worthwhile partnered to provide fresh perspective and further integrate purpose into the Sawyer brand platform.  See Case Study >

NIIC: Finding and growing entrepreneurs

This summer The NIIC asked Worthwhile to join forces to find participants for their Breakthrough Program, a Fort Wayne based business building program for local residents experiencing barriers to traditional entrepreneurial paths. Collaboration was key and we loved working with Breakthrough lead Julie Sanchez and graduates of the program for insights and inspiration.  See Case Study >

Herman Miller: An education in authenticity

How can Herman Miller address imitations of its classic designs with an on-brand and engaging approach? Decades later, this animation and poster still speak to design heritage in a way only Herman Miller can.  See Case Study >

LOCUS: The Amazon antidote

Passion for vibrant communities + deep experience in retail + a smart digital platform = Locus – the antidote for Amazon dependance. When we met this team and heard them talk about keeping our main streets vital we wanted in. They had all the tools in the toolbox, we were thrilled to partner on ways to take the brand further.  See Case Study >

WMCAT: Reuniting an extended brand family

Rapid growth and program success found this arts, tech and workforce education non-profit in need of a brand reset. Partnering with this amazing team to create ways to design the brand’s growth and standards to help everyone play was one of our great joys of 2019.  See Case Study >

Merrell: Let’s all take a hike

In early 2020, Merrell asked Worthwhile to create a fresh brand guide to capture and graphically define a new purpose and target – extending its enduring inclusive brand beyond technical hiking to capture the joy of being outdoors.  See Case Study >

Herman Miller: Behind the design

While “Get Real” introduced the tradeoffs involved with selecting iconic pieces by the initial designers, “Real Voices” brings us that much closer to the ideas and inspirations behind the pieces. Inside dirt and a close-up view of cherished personalities that have changed the shape of modern design.  See Case Study >

Luminarts: Shining for young Chicago talent

Targeted to Chicago’s young talent, the Luminarts brand was born of the respected Union League Civic and Arts Foundation. It had to thrive in a digital environment and feel fresh in every capacity – a job it’s done well for years.  See Case Study >

Aetna: This is what diversity looks like

Never more important than today, Diversity & Inclusion work needs to reflect its culture and engage authentically. This work for Aetna demonstrates its human-first approach that appreciates and celebrates the benefits of inclusiveness.  See Case Study >