What’s Worthwhile

A shout out to inspiring brands, humans, and ideas that are showing us what's now and next.
November 1.2022

Uber or Lyft?

Shout out to Lyft for providing free rides to first interviews, and again until the first paycheck arrives in order to support job opps and overcome transportation obstacles. Your move, Uber. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbEDH9VaFBk

October 14.2022

Rescue furniture finds a second chance

We’re not sure what we love more, this beautiful tribute (we laughed, we wept) or IKEA‘s brilliant and selfless idea that good furniture moves on to delight new owners, saving landfill space. Mining lovely emotional connections along the way – this little film qualifies as a favorite this year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbEDH9VaFBk

October 14.2022

Demonstrating perpetual purpose

Just about everyone’s favorite brand icon did something even more surprising than usual in August when Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard literally gave away the company to ensure his efforts to preserve this planet would endure. Many talk about his leadership and culture – here’s to those that follow in his footsteps. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/09/14/climate/patagonia-climate-philanthropy-chouinard.html

July 27.2022

Summer reading at its best

A warm summer shoutout to the New York Public Library for giving away 500,000 books through all of its locations to boost home libraries and learning. We’d love to see this trend spread. https://www.nypl.org/summer/2022/book-giveaway

June 14.2022

Access to access

A resounding shout out to Starry Connect, for understanding that broadband access is not equally available – and creating product and programs to solve this important issue. Starry Connect brings ultra low-cost broadband access to communities that have traditionally been under-connected and underserved – now serving over 55,000 public and affordable housing units with quality broadband. https://starry.com/

June 14.2022

We need this today

A shout out to a bright spot gaining traction this spring – Rodney Smith Jr’s 50 Yard Challenge, a non-profit challenge that awards young people for mowing 50 lawns free for the elderly, disabled, single parents, veterans, and anyone in need of help. Spreading beautifully via Instagram, this simple idea is connecting people and cleaning up neighborhoods across the country. Finish the challenge and Rodney personally brings you a new mower. Join the movement by following @rodneysmithjr and bring a bit of joy to your day. Better yet, connect online and donate. https://weareraisingmen.com/the-50-yard-challenge/

October 14.2021

We’re team canine

Originally sent to a California prison for temporary housing, these shelter dogs found hope instead of dead ends when matched with prisoners who trained them to become more adoptable. Now with a waiting list of over 200 inmates, the Paws for Life K9 Rescue program has seen 39 prisoners have their sentences commuted, and raised morale and respect within the prison. All the dogs in the program have been adopted. For more information on the program, see: https://pawsforlifek9.org/
For a look at a movie that captures the program, see: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGFbDbNqtBg

October 14.2021

It’s time for Brave Camp

We love that the ad world produced and supports Brave Camp, designed to provide underserved BIPOC kids with an outdoor experience designed to build their self-esteem and give them skills to tackle challenges such as bullying, peer pressure and more. Founded by David Angelo of David & Goliath, the ongoing goal is to create more camps and opportunities using this model. Everyone can help, so enjoy the campsite and consider doing your part to see this great idea grow. https://www.todayimbrave.org/bravecamp

September 30.2021

Mental health is health

After noting that separate studies have shown 50% of musicians and 73% of independent musicians reported battling symptoms of depression and anxiety, founders of record label LVRN formed a mental health and wellness division to support their artists. This move has been on-brand since the Atlanta label was formed in 2012 with a goal of making love cool again. We salute LVRN for a human approach to music that celebrates and respects artists as individuals and look forward to seeing others follow their example. www.lvrn.com

September 30.2021

Our vote

Most Worthwhile ArtPrize entry for 2021 goes to The Heartside Court Basketball Project by Edgar Hernandez. We love beautiful work, but we love work that benefits the community and leaves it a better place even more. We cannot wait to see this beauty in use, and the next great idea from Hernandez and The Oddest.  Photo credit Cory Morse   www.theoddestco.com

August 2.2020

Crazy until it’s not

We love everything about this smart non-profit, from their crazy idea to 3D print homes to the beauty we see in the optimism and energy of the New Story brand. That, and the fact that we think we’ll see this scalable idea have real global impact on homelessness in our lifetimes. We’d love to work with them some day but we’re not sure how we could improve upon this simple, smart branding that delivers on so many levels. Go ahead and watch their video for a good cry. www.newstorycharity.org

August 2.2020

We’re feeling better already

Reasons to be Cheerful, David Byrne’s project identifying smart solutions to the world’s pressing problems, is not only an exercise in optimism, it’s also proof that despite the issues that can feel overwhelming, the world is actually moving in the right direction. Like its founder, we feel like it’s never been more important to celebrate positive journalism. Go ahead and watch the intro video – then sign up to receive your new favorite newsletter. We promise you’ll be feeling better soon.   www.reasonstobecheerful.world

August 2.2020

Delivering on all levels

Combine a smart app and community volunteers to mobilize food that could go to waste and you’ve got 412 Food Rescue – a non-profit we’ve been crushing on for two years now. Now enjoying the success of delivering 20 million pounds of surplus food and providing over 16 million meals, this amazing community resource also offers an array of programs to support the community and innovate healthy meal options throughout Pittsburgh.  www.412foodrescue.org