NIIC: Finding and growing entrepreneurs

ASK This summer The NIIC asked Worthwhile to join forces to find participants for their Breakthrough Program, a Fort Wayne based business building program for local residents experiencing barriers to traditional entrepreneurial paths. Collaboration was key and we loved working with Breakthrough lead Julie Sanchez and graduates of the program for insights and inspiration.




NOTE: Copywriting partnership with the amazing Valerie Foley

APPROACH We interviewed program participants to get a better sense of their experiences and challenges. We interviewed trusted connectors in partner non-profits to learn more about our targets. We found relevant secondary research with applications to our potential participants. All of this, along with the great guidance of our program director and The NIIC team helped form our insights and strategy for outreach and creative.

Program tools included a :30 TV spot, a banner campaign, landing page and handouts.

Worthwhile feedback

“Worthwhile did a phenomenal job for the NIIC with great passion, insight, and expertise!”
— Julie Sanchez, NIIC Breakthrough Program Manager and Consultant