Herman Miller:Behind thedesign

ASK Take the link behind design and designer one step further by getting inside the minds of some of Herman Miller’s most cherished collaborators.

APPROACH Focus on the human element of design as the core of authenticity – a much more interesting path to storytelling.

Approach four of the best designers alive to hear what makes them tick, and how it impacts the products they make for Herman Miller, creating more reasons to love and specify authentic design.

NOTE: This case study is a Fairly Painless project — a follow up to Get Real. Credits: Beth Taylor – creative strategy, Peter Bell – creative direction, Julie Lang – art direction and design, Peter Sillen – director, Brent McMahon – editor.

ANSWER Embark on the best of all travels, spending time in Minneapolis, NY and Berlin to get to know Stumpf, Ayse Birsel, Goetz and Studio 7.5. Hang out long enough to hear the good stories, and travel with the team that will give you the best film possible.

Accidentally fall in love with a lovely Philip Glass soundtrack in the demo, and then celebrate when you realize his family and publisher are as wonderful as his music when they allow usage in the final product. >

Design an award winning CD jacket and begin the education process all over again, engaging students, customers and partners along the way with a fresh story of authenticity, told by those who created it. >