Sawyer: Better protection, bigger purpose

ASK Sawyer Products entered 2020 delivering to new levels for its thru-hikers, sportsmen, and most importantly, those in need of fresh water. With a brand team running to keep up with product demand and customer support, Worthwhile partnered to provide fresh perspective and further integrate purpose into the Sawyer brand platform. Once we met the team, used the products, and understood the scope of International water support that Sawyer provides, we wanted to tell the Sawyer story and align all the communication elements to better reflect this amazing brand.



APPROACH A communications audit, brand and competitive review, stakeholder interviews and team workshop provided a strong foundation for positioning and a fresh brand platform.

BRAND STORY  While the Sawyer team was living, breathing, and hiking the brand, it had not been fully articulated or aligned across communication channels to be shared with thru-hikers and newcomers. A manifesto/storyline captured brand voice and served as a platform for developing elements, like the website and packaging.

PACKAGING  In-store audits and competitive context paved the way for insights that could further distinguish Sawyer from the competition via packaging. Many Sawyer product packages had not been updated, leaving the offerings feeling disconnected and less like a cohesive outdoor solution. With a primary objective of bringing purpose to packaging and creating a gateway to the joy of the outdoors, we pursued the packaging beginning with some key leading products.

WEBSITE  Similar to the packaging, the website needed to integrate purpose up front, and further capture the joy of the outdoors. Always a go-to for thru-hikers and sportsmen, Sawyer had an opportunity to provide the same level of effectiveness for more casual outdoor enthusiasts and welcome them into the brand community. We also wanted to provide an eCommerce function and expand our blog and storytelling capabilities.

With a solid foundation and purpose integration, we’re pushing through packaging and guiding a fresh website with a united brand. We continue to be impressed by Sawyer’s ethos and look forward to seeing where they go from here.