Woosah Outfitters: A Deeper Dive Makes a Stronger Brand

ASK  Woosah is a growing retail brand experience, combining hand-crafted art and outdoor-inspired gear with an outside coffee space. With a new location opening, owners Rae and Kelly realized that they needed the team to own the brand idea and ideals. Step one was to re-visit the brand foundation and fine-tune it so they could accurately guide the team and shape the culture. What started as an HR ask became a deeper dive into understanding how to best position the brand for future growth.



APPROACH  To start, we researched other original retailers and outdoor entities for trends and got our hands on interesting and award-winning onboarding guides.


WORKSHOP  Next, we did a team workshop which helped us to dive deeper into the Woosah identity (why) – and work through the culture and ideas around operational excellence and a thriving team.

BRAND ARCHITECTURE  We started by addressing the Woosah and Outside Coffee logos. The”why” for both entities actually applied equally to both, meaning that everything needed to be reflected as a whole — within one unified logo and brand.

THE BRAND BOOK  Next we brought the workshop and identity elements together to create an extended brand book that could also educate and inspire new employees and reinforce culture.
With Rae’s good energy, writing skills, and creative talent in the room, we were able to collaborate on a custom guide designed to serve the brand’s needs. Today that guide is shared with each new employee as part of the onboarding process and kept out for reference and reinforcement.

Worthwhile feedback

“This experience was all-encompassing — it didn’t just look at a singular problem to solve, like bringing our logos together for example, but the entire ecosystem of our brand. After diving that deep into it all, everything falls into place much easier now.”

— Rae Lang, owner, Woosah Outfitters